Billie Eilish - all the good girls go to hell

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Directed by: Rich Lee
Production Company: Drive Studios

A note from Billie: right now there are millions of people all over the world begging our leaders to pay attention. our earth is warming up at an unprecedented rate, icecaps are melting, our oceans are rising, our wildlife is being poisoned and our forests are burning. on september 23rd, the UN will host the 2019 Climate Action Summit to discuss how to tackle these issues. the clock is ticking. on friday september 20th and friday september 27th you can make your voice be heard. take it to the streets. #climatestrike globalclimatestrike.net
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Music video by Billie Eilish performing all the good girls go to hell. © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records


  1. Алексей токарь

    Алексей токарь

    преди 9 часа

    Просто ангел.

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  6. orko rahman

    orko rahman

    преди 11 часа

    she fell from heaven and landed on the drain.

  7. Franz Haas

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    Nona San

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    القافلة مرت من هنا باري تيوب

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    Иван Стародубов

    преди 13 часа

    Спосибо за пиревод

  11. Dina Otieno

    Dina Otieno

    преди 13 часа

    She fell..Then she walks to and from .back and forth.North and south.I'm going left and right but I'll stand still and say nice creativity.Well done.

  12. passionfruitfruit


    преди 14 часа

    Female Marylin Manson😀

  13. mar zu

    mar zu

    преди 14 часа

    Evil shit

  14. Lilly Nasri

    Lilly Nasri

    преди 14 часа

    Me “she probably named this song this way because regardless how you’re good and try hard to be you’ll end up in hell anyway” Interviewer : “Why this name? “Good girls go to hell?” Billie : “Sounded good you heard” Me: “oh”

  15. Dhaivina Salsabila

    Dhaivina Salsabila

    преди 14 часа

    Billie : all good girls go to the hell Me : well.. see you in the heaven then

  16. Ana Vivero

    Ana Vivero

    преди 14 часа

    Mierda, es muy fuerte esta cancion Me da pesar

  17. nayara Ribeiro

    nayara Ribeiro

    преди 15 часа

    Billie eilish me nota

  18. Juraj Chobot

    Juraj Chobot

    преди 15 часа

    I guess, that if I was Lucifer, I would feel the urge to respond and get out of my cave just to give a good bye for the last time, but the way the events have unfolded was not expected and I would actually agree to leave the place for humans and hope for them to be ready to enjoy the gifts. The efforts to maintain this place would be over the top right now, and I would agree now, that their nature might actually benefit from the time to evolve into something better. I guess it's not wise to push a bug harder and hope for it to become a butterfly. And, by the way. I would feel terribly sorry for the way I've fainted after the things went wild and left the game for good. I guess, I've just felt like it is finally getting somewhere and the final blow just left me speechless.

  19. veljko Zaric

    veljko Zaric

    преди 15 часа

    Like billie Com ariana grande

  20. Joana darc Tomas de oliveira

    Joana darc Tomas de oliveira

    преди 15 часа

    MÚSICA-TRADUÇÃO CANTORA - BILLIE ELISH MUSICA - ALL THE GOOD GIRLS GO TO HELL Meu lúcifer está solitário parada lá , matando tempo não consigo comentar além de um crime Pedro está de férias um convite aberto animais, Evidência,os portões do céu parecem mais com uma cerca de madeira uma vez que você entra neles tem amigos mas não consegue convidá-lo s montanhas queimam na Califórnia, minha vez de te ignorar não diga que te avisei todas as garotas boas vão para o inferno,porque até a própria deusa tem inimigos quando a água começa a subir,e o céu estiver fora de vista ela vai querer o "DIABO" em sua equipe 🎶🎵🎶🎵 " MEU LÚCIFER ESTA SOLITÁRIO" olha só pra você precisando,de mim,você sabe que eu não sou sua amiga sem alguma vegetação caminhe usando grilhões Pedro deveria saber melhor o seu disfarçar está demorando o homem è tão tolo por que estamos salvando ele?? Envenenado a sí mesmo agora,implorando pela nossa ajuda,uau... Montanhas queimam na Califórnia,minha vez de te ignorar,não diga que te avisei todas as garotas boas vão para o inferno,porque até a própria deusa tem inimigos quando a água começa a subir, e o céu estiver fora de vista,ela vai querer o"DIABO"em sua equipe 🎶🎵🎶🎵 "MEU LÚCIFER ESTA SOLITÁRIO" não ah mais nada pra salvar agora ' MEU DEUS VAI FICA ME DEVENDO ESSA' não ah mais nada pra salvar agora 🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶 MUSICA AL THE GOOD GIRLS GO TO HELL CANTORA BILLE EILESH (@Billieexplicit OBG: apenas uma música ok

  21. FreZze_ Revenge

    FreZze_ Revenge

    преди 15 часа

    Female Vemon

  22. Paris Valeroso

    Paris Valeroso

    преди 16 часа

    Nice theme. Reminds me of Lady Gaga's GUY and Marry the night music videos.

  23. Vijay Kumar

    Vijay Kumar

    преди 17 часа

    billie as a fallen angel will slay the devil himself

  24. My Korea

    My Korea

    преди 17 часа

    Wow😻😻😻 Billie Eilish😱😻😱

  25. Ahad Abrar

    Ahad Abrar

    преди 18 часа

    Is this for the live chat I am a really big I hope I'm famous like you one day and we meet together on day

  26. Isaac Olivia

    Isaac Olivia

    преди 18 часа

    Her Lucifer is lonely 🙄🙄

  27. Gareth Rees

    Gareth Rees

    преди 18 часа

    Fooking mad heads

  28. Jerreflor’s Vlog

    Jerreflor’s Vlog

    преди 18 часа

    it so creepy , i dont like it personaly

  29. Igor Masłowski

    Igor Masłowski

    преди 18 часа

    You are amazing!!!!!!

  30. Hoo Wammi

    Hoo Wammi

    преди 19 часа

    Isaiah 5:20 Woe to those who say that good is bad and bad is good, Those who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness, Those who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Hell is a mistranslation of the Hebrew word ‘שאול’ (Sheol), meaning the common grave of humankind, and the Greek word ‘ᾅδην’ (Hades), meaning the grave. Gehannah was a literal place in Jerusalem where there was a huge fire which burned 24/7/365. Dead bodies of people deemed unworthy of a proper burial were burnt here. If a person was living in direct contravention to God, they likely would have been burned in Gehenna and may not benefit from the 'resurrection of the righteous and the unrighteous' during the 1000 year reign of Jesus Christ following armageddon. (Acts 24:15) If they are not resurrected, their death will be eternal. The eternal punishment is eternal death, not eternal suffering. A person deemed, by God, to be unworthy of a resurrection and also deemed unworthy of a proper burial were, therefore, burnt and would seemingly remain in destruction by fire for eternity. This is how the idea of an eternal hell fire for the wicked has been born. Do good people go there? The faithful men Jacob and Job expected to go there.-Genesis 37:35; Job 14:13. Death, not torment in a fiery hell, is the penalty for sin. ‘He who has died has been acquitted from his sin.’-Romans 6:7. Eternal torment would violate God’s justice. (Deuteronomy 32:4) When the first man, Adam, sinned, God told him that his punishment would simply be to pass out of existence: ‘Dust you are and to dust you will return.’ (Genesis 3:19) God would have been lying if he were actually sending Adam to a fiery hell. God does not even contemplate eternal torment. The idea that he would punish people in hellfire is contrary to the Bible’s teaching that “God is love.”-1 John 4:8; Jeremiah 7:31. Contrary to what most churches teach, God does not rule the world... 1) We know that we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one. - 1st John 5:19 2) Now there is a judging of this world; now the ruler of this world will be cast out. - John 12:31 3) I will not speak with you much more, for the ruler of the world is coming, and he has no hold on me. - John 14:30 4) So down the great dragon was hurled, the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth; he was hurled down to the earth, and his angels were hurled down with him. - Revelation 12:9 5) among whom the god of this system of things has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, so that the illumination of the glorious good news about the Christ, who is the image of God, might not shine through. - 2nd Corinthians 4:4 6) And no wonder, for Satan himself keeps disguising himself as an angel of light. - 2nd Corinthians 11:14 ...but he will do again very soon! FIVE EVENTS TO COME: 1. World leaders say “Peace and security!” 2. Nations attack and destroy “Babylon the Great” 3. Attack on Jehovah’s people 4. War of Armageddon 5. Christ throws Satan and his demons into the abyss DRAMATIC WORLD EVENTS SIGNALLING THAT THE END IS NEAR: GLOBAL WAR AND ESCALATING CHAOS “You are going to hear of wars and reports of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for these things must take place, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom . . . All these things are a beginning of pangs of distress.”-Matthew 24:6-8. DISEASE AND HUNGER WORLDWIDE “In one place after another food shortages and pestilences.”-Luke 21:11. WIDESPREAD LAWLESSNESS AND RELIGIOUS CONFUSION “Many false prophets will arise and mislead many; and because of the increasing of lawlessness, the love of the greater number will grow cold.”-Matthew 24:11, 12. MORAL AND SOCIAL BREAKDOWN ON AN UNPRECEDENTED SCALE “In the last days critical times hard to deal with will be here. For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, . . . disloyal, having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self-control, fierce, without love of goodness, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up with pride.”-2 Timothy 3:1-4. GOOD NEWS OF GOD’S KINGDOM PREACHED WORLDWIDE “This good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.”-Matthew 24:14. CRITICS DENY THAT THE END IS NEAR “In the last days ridiculers will come with their ridicule, . . . saying: ‘Where is this promised presence of his? Why, from the day our forefathers fell asleep in death, all things are continuing exactly as they were from creation’s beginning.’”-2 Peter 3:3, Can we stop these things from happening? Mark 13:7 Moreover, when you hear of wars and reports of wars, do not be alarmed; these things must take place, but the end is not yet. Matthew 24:6 You are going to hear of wars and reports of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for these things must take place, but the end is not yet. Luke 21:9 Furthermore, when you hear of wars and disturbances, do not be terrified. For these things must take place first, but the end will not occur immediately. No, we can't stop these events, or even minimise their effects. Exposing the evil is one thing, but then where do we go? Romans 12:21 - Do not let yourself be conquered by the evil, but keep conquering the evil with the good.

  31. Idk


    преди 19 часа

    How did she blow up? Dont say its bc her voice. There are so many good voices on youtube that just have a few thousands subscribers but are worth more. Just think about it. A 18 year old girl who has alot of money and grammys. Okay there are allways people who stays and listen to her but like lil pump. He blew up at 16 bc of d-rose and gucci gang. There must be someone who likes his music. Is it just me who think this is wierd?

  32. sonal rulz

    sonal rulz

    преди 19 часа

    12 midnight when i on the radio . Radio_My lucifer is lonely . Me_ MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM

  33. Rennata Foxy T.V.

    Rennata Foxy T.V.

    преди 20 часа

    I love

  34. Ye Htet Aung Ba

    Ye Htet Aung Ba

    преди 20 часа

    Well that was weird and GOOD! More important thing is NOICE

  35. riffing


    преди 20 часа

    Киноляп: сначала за её крыльями нет мазута, после он появляется и загорается, а так все круто😁

  36. Aidan Hill

    Aidan Hill

    преди 20 часа

    I love how this song was made for Lucifer

  37. 櫻井美智子


    преди 21 час


  38. sinister springtrap

    sinister springtrap

    преди 21 час


  39. remziye usta

    remziye usta

    преди 22 часа

    It can not be the enemy of Allah (c.c) Allah is creative and mighty..

  40. jessa tanierla

    jessa tanierla

    преди 22 часа

    the fact that billie and jojo siwa is the same age

  41. John Wayne

    John Wayne

    преди 22 часа

    just stumbled on this, is it me, or does the beginning of this sound very familiar to Heathens? Just the first minute, and then throughout the song as it carries the tune.

  42. Gladys Goh

    Gladys Goh

    преди 23 часа

    How did you do the animations

  43. AnInterestingUsername


    преди ден

    she reminds me of shafou in the beginning without her face getting dirty

  44. Margaret Lee

    Margaret Lee

    преди ден

    Peter Pan: Do your wings work? Billie:No. :peter Pan: I got you

  45. Sakura Bear cute Wolf

    Sakura Bear cute Wolf

    преди ден

    I'm using translator

  46. Frank Becerra

    Frank Becerra

    преди ден

    If you actually understand the lyrics it talks about California being the place where the devil lives 👀 think about it why do all famous celebrities die in cali and why do there hills burn 👀

    • sinister springtrap

      sinister springtrap

      преди 21 час

      Because your gay Ohhhhh get FUCKED

  47. Sakura Bear cute Wolf

    Sakura Bear cute Wolf

    преди ден

    I will to hell: Wait ... will I go to hell?

  48. Amazing Human

    Amazing Human

    преди ден

    *Loads shotgun with malicious intent*

  49. Jackie Briere

    Jackie Briere

    преди ден


  50. Afiq FYP project

    Afiq FYP project

    преди ден

    I don't know but I think this song is something masterpiece.



    преди ден


  52. GainsGoblin


    преди ден

    all gud girl burn in heck hyahyahyahya

  53. ELUSIVE -


    преди ден

    Hey please take this seriously. All have sinned and greatly offended the holy God of the Bible, the just punishment is death and then hell. There is hope though, God became a man in the person of Jesus Christ and suffered and died on the cross paying for the sins we have committed in His own life's blood. Jesus is the perfect and only sacrifice God will accept. You must repent and turn from your sin and trust alone in Jesus to be forgiven and receive the free gift of eternal life in heaven with Christ in glory. Jesus rose from the dead and is our only living hope. Trust in Him today.

    • Hemansiet666


      преди 23 часа

      ELUSIVE - sin til death and come down to hell as a master. Don’t be a sheep of a selfish god. He doesn’t care .

  54. Ellie vllnv

    Ellie vllnv

    преди ден

    ''you know i'm not your friend without some greenery'' She's talking about weed right ?

    • Forbes Family

      Forbes Family

      преди 10 часа

      She means when Judas betrayed Jesus, he wouldn't find and capture Jesus without greenery ( money)

  55. Naila B

    Naila B

    преди ден

    Melanie Martinez. I'm not a bad guy Billie ellish.im the bad guy DUH Melanie Martinez. UGH Billie ellish I don't give a fuck anymore 😑😐

  56. Kirstyn Today

    Kirstyn Today

    преди ден

    Do you know Billie eilish sold her soul to the devil!

  57. Stephanye Barcelos

    Stephanye Barcelos

    преди ден

    Impressão minha ou ela representou lucifer

  58. Abigail De souza

    Abigail De souza

    преди ден

    this is DISGUSTING! Cant believe you people are so desensitized to the wickedness.

    • Abigail De souza

      Abigail De souza

      преди 10 часа

      @Hemansiet666 because you're uttering words to the sky doesn't mean you're praying as you should. Perhaps it didnt work because something was 'off'... maybe ask God for the knowledge and wisdom He instructed us to seek because right now you're speaking out of ignorance. You see, at a point I would say 'prayer' didnt work for me as well but the difference is, I didnt take it as a stopping point, but as a sign to dig deeper. So, I WILL pray for you. I hope you find your way because I KNOW if you're 'sinning' ...somewhere deep deep down, you're not happy. Not matter how much you come here and disagree.

    • Hemansiet666


      преди 10 часа

      Abigail De souza dont pray for me. That didn’t work before because is just bs. I became to revelation already that’s why I sin with out regrets.

    • Abigail De souza

      Abigail De souza

      преди 11 часа

      @Hemansiet666 Well at the end of this life, one thing will be for certain and that is... one of us was wrong. I pray you come to revelation before its too late. Good bye.

    • Hemansiet666


      преди 23 часа

      Abigail De souza I think you people that believe in a god are disgusting but I’m not going places telling everyone about it.

  59. Santino Yuvienco

    Santino Yuvienco

    преди ден

    All the good girls go to hell All the chicken wings go to heaven

  60. xXPurple HyacinthXx

    xXPurple HyacinthXx

    преди ден

    I love the song but as an artist... the amount of joints in the wings disturbed me so much.