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  1. Aleni Castillo

    Aleni Castillo

    преди 8 минути

    I just wanna tell you Melanie that my parents and I LOVED this film

  2. Nicole’s noodles

    Nicole’s noodles

    преди 10 минути

    Love this ❤️

  3. robson antonio

    robson antonio

    преди 11 минути

    I Love k -12 film

  4. Umai Vids :D

    Umai Vids :D

    преди 12 минути

    Okay, she can sing, dance, and act. Is there anything that she can't do?

  5. Tiana & Alex

    Tiana & Alex

    преди 13 минути

    I got chills throughout the whole thing this was great ❤

  6. Eden Shey Gacha

    Eden Shey Gacha

    преди 14 минути

    5th time watching this movie

  7. Arma


    преди 15 минути

    fire drill isn't on spotify :'( hope it's available somewhere else soon! the movie was friggin awesome

  8. Brooklynn Juarez

    Brooklynn Juarez

    преди 18 минути


  9. heart777


    преди 19 минути


  10. Blog das Abelihas

    Blog das Abelihas

    преди 19 минути

    I loveeeee Melanie

  11. heart777


    преди 20 минути

    hi im still watching

  12. Retrospekcja 360

    Retrospekcja 360

    преди 20 минути

    ktos zrobi napisy pl? ❤❤❤będę wdzięczna bo nie potrafię angielskiego😢❤

  13. Sage Yoho

    Sage Yoho

    преди 21 минута

    This was so good omg I watched it almost 4 times now 🥺

  14. Aaliyah Toys To See 2

    Aaliyah Toys To See 2

    преди 21 минута

    I love that there is no ads and I couldn’t buy it becouse my mother and my DVD player broke or something like that because we don’t use it but GOD BLESS MELANIE

  15. Hans Miranda

    Hans Miranda

    преди 22 минути

    Is she really naked in stawberry shortcake

  16. Dlear Jnaid

    Dlear Jnaid

    преди 23 минути

    The movie can't just end like that!

  17. I Buholzer

    I Buholzer

    преди 24 минути

    I just realized how good she is at symbolizing. Like strawberry shortcake, had 2 different meanings

  18. Kawaii puppy :3

    Kawaii puppy :3

    преди 25 минути

    *Watches this a second time* Damn i really watch this more than. I study for school 😂

  19. nobody


    преди 26 минути

    Melanie you had a missed opportunity to make school supplies

  20. mariavitoria almeidabarbosa

    mariavitoria almeidabarbosa

    преди 26 минути


  21. にみ


    преди 27 минути

    I love you.

  22. Nurusyazwani Sukirin

    Nurusyazwani Sukirin

    преди 28 минути

    omg. the spider falls out with a thud. dunno they're that heavy 😱 well, if one were to fall, at least it comes notified 🤣

  23. Vladan Radisavljevic

    Vladan Radisavljevic

    преди 31 минута

    beautiful girl❤

  24. Arow MapleLeaf {sharpshooter,deadly,shy}

    Arow MapleLeaf {sharpshooter,deadly,shy}

    преди 31 минута

    This is awesome

  25. iza games

    iza games

    преди 31 минута

    Cadê os brasileiros dessa bagaça ?

  26. idk content

    idk content

    преди 34 минути

    omg i watched it 4 times so yeahhhhhhhhhhhh...i am insane for her

  27. Night Angel Kilz

    Night Angel Kilz

    преди 35 минути

    OMG 😍 I love it!!!🤩😍💓❣️ But will there be a sequel?🤔

  28. Ivy Franklin

    Ivy Franklin

    преди 38 минути

    Vsco girll

  29. Amaya Tannahill

    Amaya Tannahill

    преди 39 минути

    Nah, that shits itchy it can wait Me: Dies* Idk y that was so funny to me lol

  30. Amaya Tannahill

    Amaya Tannahill

    преди 41 минута

    I’m honestly scared and I haven’t even watched it yet 😅🤣

  31. lps_ nyghtsky

    lps_ nyghtsky

    преди 48 минути

    I dare you to collab with billie

  32. DavidGaming91011


    преди 53 минути

    I want to see whats comes neextt

  33. E m i l y

    E m i l y

    преди 55 минути

    I wanna go to Melanie's school Btw I watched this for like 100 times already

  34. Ti _red

    Ti _red

    преди 56 минути

    Art don't sell unless you've fucked every authority

  35. Kuromxrii X

    Kuromxrii X

    преди 56 минути

    This is kinda shitty

  36. maria beauty

    maria beauty

    преди час

    She spend 7M DOLLARS, SHE PUT IT FREE....AND IT'S LITERALLY A M A Z I N G. We don't deserve her..

  37. Syrene 24coolbabyy

    Syrene 24coolbabyy

    преди час

    My favorite songs are Mad Hatter and pacify her she really needs to come out with some more music but this movie she has here is bonfire

  38. Freenet Tips

    Freenet Tips

    преди час

    The 5 times i watch actually :)

  39. alfredo lopez

    alfredo lopez

    преди час

    pls make another vid like this pls melanie

  40. Elly Gordon

    Elly Gordon

    преди час

    Can I Just Say Melanie’s Body Is Amazing 😔✌🏼

  41. Розочка


    преди час

    Жду русский язык❤ I love you😻😻😻

  42. Miley Xoxo

    Miley Xoxo

    преди час

    Ummmm why is it an an hour long?...

  43. Ди Ми

    Ди Ми

    преди час


  44. I Eat Children For Breakfast

    I Eat Children For Breakfast

    преди час

    Damn, Kelly went to barbie into pink dust very quickly.

  45. Mikro Possu

    Mikro Possu

    преди час

    what a fuck?!! I'm so happy 'cause that movie are so interesting and now I can watch it!

  46. Linh Pham Bao

    Linh Pham Bao

    преди час

    Anyone who thinks there would be part 2 of this movie? Cuz i bet Kelly would do something since she's still inside lol

  47. LunarMoon


    преди час

    Just a mark for where I'm up to scroll past please. 16:15 You can use the replies if you want but this is just like a bookmark for me.

  48. Sima Ahmad

    Sima Ahmad

    преди час

    I felt so bad for the man who was gonna ask Melanie to the dance :c

  49. Geh Oliveira

    Geh Oliveira

    преди час

    Song 1:14:34 ?????

  50. GachaSlothzzz


    преди час


  51. dumb bitch

    dumb bitch

    преди час


  52. Snake Nation

    Snake Nation

    преди час

    I can’t sleep now because of the major cliffhanger at the enddd😣😣

  53. Your Wife joe

    Your Wife joe

    преди час

    This was amazing but it still scared my soul love Melanie

  54. An Hoàng Ngọc

    An Hoàng Ngọc

    преди час


  55. Oreo• マーク

    Oreo• マーク

    преди час

    I think this is 5th time i watch this film

  56. Odnalor Adnisam

    Odnalor Adnisam

    преди час

    Cry baby s aid she dyed her uniform pink and embroidered flowers on to it i thought it was made for her

  57. cayleigh quirino

    cayleigh quirino

    преди час

    I'm sorry god 😭😭😭😭

  58. melissa Magalhaes

    melissa Magalhaes

    преди час

    This is perfect

  59. Debby is your youtuber

    Debby is your youtuber

    преди час

    Remember when almost all crybabies said this is r rated movie but no one fucking cares because this movie is great

  60. Good Account

    Good Account

    преди час

    JUST FINISHED IT! amazing! 😭💞