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Zombie At School! / 12 DIY Zombie School Supplies

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What the hell are zombies doing at school? Although in the Troom Troom school anything can happen! And since today we'll learning with the Zombie, let's do school supplies of a zombie-style!
Supplies and tools:
• Felt
• Axe blade template
• Wooden ruler
• Acrylic paint
• White chalk
• Utility knife
• Sandpaper
• Wooden stick
• Parchment paper
• Hot glue gun
• Twine
• White eraser with a plastic center
• Glue stick
• Polymer clay
• Coloring
• Pre-made cracker dough
• Lunch box
• Gummy brain candies
• Ketchup
• Radiation sign sticker
• Cardboard
• Play Doh
• Scissors
• Foam paper
• Marker
• Light clay
• Wide flask
• Clear slime
• Pink plastic brain
• Label
• School supplies
• Toothpicks
• Stapler
• Old sketch book
• Yellow sticker warning tape
• Old teddy bear
• Zipper
• Bag ribbon
• Strap slider
• Lighter
• Glitter
• Tape
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    They did not tell the glue how much temperature they butt and they didn't tell us how to glue it

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    I think clementine has a crush.

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    I have a feeling they stole the name Clementine from The Walking Dead

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    This is perfect ideas for Halloween :)

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    loding wae hoy

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    Rigved Rai

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    Even zombies have acrilic nails 😂

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    I love zmbie🧟‍♀️

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    zombie was Christy

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    I like the zombie and Ben actually the cute zombie girl is very entertaining

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  37. Admin Little Sprouts

    Admin Little Sprouts

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    If there was a zombie apocalypse . at my school I would Bring a axe and a chainsaw.

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    Gabby :3 Tor

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    3:03 How did she do that Oh I thought it was real :p

  39. Gabby :3 Tor

    Gabby :3 Tor

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