IT - Official Teaser Trailer

In Theaters September 8
New Line Cinema’s horror thriller “IT,” directed by Andrés Muschietti (“Mama”), is based on the hugely popular Stephen King novel of the same name, which has been terrifying readers for decades.
When children begin to disappear in the town of Derry, Maine, a group of young kids are faced with their biggest fears when they square off against an evil clown named Pennywise, whose history of murder and violence dates back for centuries.
“IT” stars Bill Skarsgård (“Allegiant,” TV’s “Hemlock Grove”) as the story’s central villain, Pennywise. An ensemble of young actors also star in the film, including Jaeden Lieberher (“Midnight Special”), Jeremy Ray Taylor (“Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip”), Sophia Lillis (“37”), Finn Wolfhard (TV’s “Stranger Things”), Wyatt Oleff (“Guardians of the Galaxy”), Chosen Jacobs (upcoming “Cops and Robbers”), Jack Dylan Grazer (“Tales of Halloween”) and Nicholas Hamilton (“Captain Fantastic”).
Muschietti is directing “IT” from a screenplay adapted by Chase Palmer & Cary Fukunaga and Gary Dauberman. Dan Lin, Roy Lee, Seth Grahame-Smith, David Katzenberg and Barbara Muschietti are producing, with Marty P. Ewing, Doug Davison and Jon Silk serving as executive producers.
The behind-the-scenes creative team includes director of photography Chung-Hoon Chung (“Me and Earl and the Dying Girl”), production designer Claude Paré (“Rise of the Planet of the Apes”), editor Jason Ballantine (“The Great Gatsby”), and costume designer Janie Bryant (TV’s “Mad Men”).
A presentation of New Line Cinema, “IT” will be released worldwide beginning September 8, 2017, by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Entertainment Company.


  1. Anouk Fireburg

    Anouk Fireburg

    преди ден

    It? Run Zombies? Hide Hotel? Trivago

  2. Mr.PotatoHead


    преди 2 дни

    2:16 When you get told of and your mum screams at you

  3. Arkyn Cabrera

    Arkyn Cabrera

    преди 2 дни

    Bill said "She's all ready captain" but georgie is boy he's not a girl

  4. Rick De la Cruz

    Rick De la Cruz

    преди 2 дни

    When you find out Chris Pratt wasn’t casted as Ben in it chapter 2 and instead that big buff dude 2:17

  5. pro gamer 2

    pro gamer 2

    преди 2 дни

    These McDonald's commercials are getting out of hand

  6. Joaquin The Gamer

    Joaquin The Gamer

    преди 3 дни

    you float too, you float too, you float too, You Float Too, YOU FLOAT TOO!

  7. Hyperbattery 364

    Hyperbattery 364

    преди 3 дни

    Oh it was rated R... oops

  8. E V

    E V

    преди 4 дни

    Penywse :heya gorge wanna balloon you look like a nice boy gorge Gorge :what oh thank you pennywise penny bitch Pennywise :I'm penny wise the DANNCING clown Gorge :uhh ok Pennywise :just grab my hand :) Gorge : bitch if ya thinking to eat my hand no THANK YOU Ugh fine sticks out middle finger * BYE SUCKER Pennywise :sigh * kids........ HeheheHEHEHAHAHAHSHAHA Part 2 like for part 2 👇

  9. Dzb dubsteps

    Dzb dubsteps

    преди 4 дни

    What’s the song called

  10. Musauce


    преди 4 дни

    These McDonalds commercials kinda scary.



    преди 4 дни

    🤡 This movie is so offensive to real clowns: professional performers, rodeo clowns, those "little people" that hate being called midgets, kids in parks with knives dressed as Bobo at 3am... we are not all soul sucking psychic space spiders yo, some of us have feelings. Some. 🔪

    • Evil Dax

      Evil Dax

      преди 2 дни


  12. zezoca 4

    zezoca 4

    преди 4 дни

    ha ha ha ha ha..echo

  13. Palmetto [GD]

    Palmetto [GD]

    преди 5 дни

    *Me minding my own business in class* Teacher: 0:40

  14. Palmetto [GD]

    Palmetto [GD]

    преди 5 дни

    Who ever played Georgie is actually a great actor

  15. junior jockers

    junior jockers

    преди 6 дни

    Puto payaso

  16. Rileys Vlogs

    Rileys Vlogs

    преди 6 дни

    Lands and spiders and snacks

  17. Zepex


    преди 6 дни

    Annoying Orange Ruined The Trailer

  18. Eli Paul

    Eli Paul

    преди 6 дни

    I get paranoid every time I see a sewer now

  19. Camille !!!

    Camille !!!

    преди 6 дни

    2019 anyone ??

  20. Beau


    преди 6 дни

    Am Nine (9)

  21. Дантеs Prod

    Дантеs Prod

    преди 7 дни

    Из этого фильма кроме сцены с ребёнком особо ничего нет

  22. Isaac Higgins

    Isaac Higgins

    преди 7 дни

    Mom: son come down to eat Me: wait first I'm playing call of duty ( online ) Mom: I brought back Burger King Me: 2:16

  23. Ninja Glider

    Ninja Glider

    преди 7 дни

    27 27-teen 2017 COINCIDENCE!! maybe

  24. Abhijith Ram M R

    Abhijith Ram M R

    преди 9 дни

    It and It:Chapter two is like the difference between childhood and adulthood. The former's fun and the latter sucks.

  25. His Boss Is Big

    His Boss Is Big

    преди 9 дни

    How dey not mention da large turtle?

  26. Heather Hengst

    Heather Hengst

    преди 9 дни

    I’m excited for chapter two to come out

  27. Rajesh Yadav

    Rajesh Yadav

    преди 10 дни

    In z.

  28. NB- Sense_

    NB- Sense_

    преди 10 дни

    2019 anyone?

  29. Dramatic_cosplay.s


    преди 11 дни

    Huge spoiler! I miss Eddie....

  30. Vettas 4

    Vettas 4

    преди 11 дни

    This September What are u afraid of Me:schools

  31. Yoongi’s Middle Finger

    Yoongi’s Middle Finger

    преди 11 дни

    Is it weird that....I maybe find....Pennywise’ smile.....actually sort of.....nice?

  32. ΟΝΟ 285

    ΟΝΟ 285

    преди 11 дни

    its a comedy not a horror film.... total failure.... all mixed up nothing clear.... full disappointment

  33. prajwal.p poojari

    prajwal.p poojari

    преди 12 дни

    This movie is so dame lame

  34. Gass Grill

    Gass Grill

    преди 13 дни

    Me when die Bruh

  35. EPSGplayer


    преди 13 дни

    Goosebumps every time...

  36. Navin Shivpal

    Navin Shivpal

    преди 13 дни

    How are you supposed to be scared of pennywise when we all know who damn well is under all that makeup. ❤ Lmao 🤣

  37. RoyalTorpedo


    преди 15 дни

    Me running up to kill the people who make 2:16 memes: 2:16

  38. Sudhiksha Pinisetti

    Sudhiksha Pinisetti

    преди 16 дни

    I'm terrified of horror movies but I can't stop laughing

  39. Pyro YT

    Pyro YT

    преди 16 дни

    At first you think it’s just a sci fi movie but when you get to the middle of the trailer you regret watching it.

  40. Jose Paz

    Jose Paz

    преди 17 дни

    2:16 when You realize its Monday

  41. Thomy Alvarado

    Thomy Alvarado

    преди 17 дни

    0:40 when Donald McDonald orders drive thru at burger king

  42. 胡蝶しのぶ様と時透無一郎くん好きタコガール!!


    преди 17 дни


  43. Sanju Sanjujashu12

    Sanju Sanjujashu12

    преди 17 дни

    It is so dangers and horror movie

  44. John luis hipolito

    John luis hipolito

    преди 17 дни

    When me if my mom turns off the internet 2:16



    преди 17 дни

    Like si te dio miedp mucho miedo :/

  46. Sarah Hattaway

    Sarah Hattaway

    преди 17 дни

    0:50 Me (in distorted voice): WeLcOmE tO hAwKiNs iNdIaNnA!!!

  47. isyankar47 a

    isyankar47 a

    преди 18 дни

    Hey ı watched second movie too and its more than scary

  48. Henrique Sz

    Henrique Sz

    преди 18 дни


  49. A e s t h e c i t L o l l i p o p

    A e s t h e c i t L o l l i p o p

    преди 18 дни

    Sanırım birdaha yamurda dışarı çıkmicam

  50. Ys KWON

    Ys KWON

    преди 18 дни


  51. Asriel Dreemurr

    Asriel Dreemurr

    преди 18 дни

    What am i afraid of..? The undertale genocide route.

  52. Ktoś I Coś

    Ktoś I Coś

    преди 20 дни

    I'm not scared of this 😂😂😂. It's so funny 😂😂😂😂

  53. Muhammad Ashfaq

    Muhammad Ashfaq

    преди 20 дни

    Nice video in the would good and more video in the would

  54. Sergio Rodriguez

    Sergio Rodriguez

    преди 21 ден


  55. XD张景荣


    преди 21 ден

    Movie is quite okay tho, but I hope this is movie can be scarier

  56. roblox boi

    roblox boi

    преди 21 ден

    Mom:son dinner is ready! Me:not now im trying to sleep! Mom: ok i guess you dont want mcdonalds Me: 2:16

  57. Uncle Bobby

    Uncle Bobby

    преди 21 ден

    2:16 when you're playing kahoot and your first for most of the game then the nerd takes first place on the last question

  58. Cuppy


    преди 22 дни

    2:16 when your playing infection and you are being chased

  59. モシカ


    преди 22 дни

    てーてーてー てーてーてー っていうBGMに一体どれだけの人間がゾワッとさせられたか

  60. TrenchcoatNinja3


    преди 22 дни

    2:16 how it feels to chew 5 gum.