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  2. one safetyybudi

    one safetyybudi

    преди ден

    Can we get 40M before ON official MV out ?? Let's get it ARMY !!

  3. Uyas Suliyastini

    Uyas Suliyastini

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  4. yaz vlogs

    yaz vlogs

    преди ден

    Dice mi mamá que cuando vengas a México te va a hacer una pozoliza :'D

  5. AG PrO

    AG PrO

    преди ден

    oh my loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee jhopeeeee saranghae oppa da jhincha choayo oppa sarang saranng

  6. 7 чудес света

    7 чудес света

    преди ден

    Есть русские? Знаю что есть)))

  7. HC Rhythmics

    HC Rhythmics

    преди ден

    ARMYs don't you think that this video also deserves more views. Let's increase the views of Ego, On and DNA together. ~Let's Get It ~

  8. Hoàng Anh

    Hoàng Anh

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    Ai fan vn giơ tay 🖐 tui ko phải fan nên ko cần giơ tui chỉ là ARMY thui, còn các bạn sao chắc là ARMY hết nhỉ chúc các bạn mau gặp idol của mình nha

  9. Rara M

    Rara M

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    I love this song jhope

  10. syahbana MS

    syahbana MS

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    Woww wowww wowwww

  11. Kim Nam joon

    Kim Nam joon

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    That’s my EGO

  12. Fa fawasx

    Fa fawasx

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    J hope chi!!!!!!!

  13. bang pham

    bang pham

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  14. Muse


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    Something's wrong with the BTS BGplayer channel's Map of the Soul 7 playlist. Intro Persona and Interlude Shadow are uploaded as video, but Outro Ego is not as video. WHY?

  15. Merlin Diaz

    Merlin Diaz

    преди ден

    The beginning reminded me of the "fitness gram pacer test " and scared the crap out of me...

  16. خرموزة متخرمزة من المريخ

    خرموزة متخرمزة من المريخ

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  17. lovely angel

    lovely angel

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    my hope i love you so much

  18. Mar Hern. Gal.

    Mar Hern. Gal.

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    not gonna lie, thought this was an add for the pacer test at first. also cute bb fotos

  19. Brisa Veteta

    Brisa Veteta

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  20. nhung thi

    nhung thi

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  21. Mẫn Doãn Kỳ

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  22. Maulisa Alhusna

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  23. Hydie Hertz

    Hydie Hertz

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    Джей-Хоуп лучший танцор, которого я когда-либо видел(а) 내가 본 최고의 댄서 제이홉

  24. Hydie Hertz

    Hydie Hertz

    преди ден

    BigHit please add Ego comeback trailer mv to your Map Of The Soul: 7 playlist

  25. Hydie Hertz

    Hydie Hertz

    преди ден

    Джей-Хоуп лучший танцор, которого я когда-либо видел(а) 내가 본 최고의 댄서 제이홉



    преди ден

    ㅓㅓㅓ 나머 러 뎃커케 .. ㅔㅅ캌호 ㅓㄹ 밋모 티ㅔㅁ포 :3 러 ㅓ모

  27. Ro Jhope

    Ro Jhope

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  28. Dennyl Jane Soledad

    Dennyl Jane Soledad

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    almost 40mil, ARMYs Let's Go!

  29. BTS and MAMAMOO


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    ¡¡Ya casi llegamos a los 40M!!

  30. elyv V

    elyv V

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    Gentle reminder that the music video for 'ON' drops at 12am KST! literally less than 10 hours from now !!!

  31. Tiến Quốc

    Tiến Quốc

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  32. Huyền Nguyễn

    Huyền Nguyễn

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    J-Hope dance very well but also sings well

  33. Hydie Hertz

    Hydie Hertz

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    Джей-Хоуп самый красивый человек на планете 세젤 미남 제이홉

  34. Hydie Hertz

    Hydie Hertz

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    Осталось миллион и будет 40 еху

  35. Tuyet Nguyen

    Tuyet Nguyen

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    oppa hoseok

  36. Eduardo Turcios

    Eduardo Turcios

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  37. Maria McDonnell

    Maria McDonnell

    преди ден

    I love this song. I just want to get up and dance every time I hear this song. That’s my Ego, that’s my Ego....

  38. Yoon Min

    Yoon Min

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    hoseok ahh

  39. Jasmine Nonie

    Jasmine Nonie

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  40. Amanda Vasquez

    Amanda Vasquez

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    Te amo ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🇭🇳🇭🇳♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  41. Trinidad Cardenas Velásquez

    Trinidad Cardenas Velásquez

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    Hay que subir vistas uu

  42. / The NR \

    / The NR \

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    나는 항상 그녀를 듣고 나는 칠레에서 이고 나는 다른 언어에 대해 얘기하고 있어요 :v

  43. Hà Nguyễn Thanh

    Hà Nguyễn Thanh

    преди ден

    Jung Hoseok always shine.

  44. Ji koo

    Ji koo

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    i love this

  45. Quyen Huynh Ngoc

    Quyen Huynh Ngoc

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  46. James Henry Smith

    James Henry Smith

    преди ден

    IZ*ONE songs good and WeGirls's also:

  47. naz zz

    naz zz

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    Love My Hope 💜

  48. Nguyen Minh Tuyen

    Nguyen Minh Tuyen

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    You are my ego

  49. Vanina Castro

    Vanina Castro

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    Why is just 39M views????? THIS IS ART

  50. 96 HB

    96 HB

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    thank u Hobi

  51. Trang Trang

    Trang Trang

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    perpect uwu

  52. VJtasha


    преди ден

    It proves that some things that sounds bad or dark isn't always bad or dark.

  53. Yanely Felix

    Yanely Felix

    преди ден

    Tomorrow at 10AM ET and 12:00 KST the Official MV for ‘ON’ will be released remember ARMY our goal is 80-90M in 24hrs !!! We need to BREAK “Boy With Luv’s” record we can do it ARMY :)))

  54. ai ai

    ai ai

    преди ден

    love you hobi💜

  55. Jovana Palomar

    Jovana Palomar

    преди ден

    In the minute 1:53 a person appears

  56. kimm Ngân

    kimm Ngân

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  57. María


    преди ден

    Like I love 3> this song so much

  58. Cafe Vainilla

    Cafe Vainilla

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  59. Đào Quyên Phạm thị

    Đào Quyên Phạm thị

    преди ден

    J-Hope is awesome

  60. Apollinaris


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    ЧОН ХОСОК, вперёд!!!