Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery to treat Parkinson's Disease at Mount Sinai Hospital

Watch how Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery (DBS) completely transforms Michael Toscano's Parkinson's Disease. Learn more about DBS at Mount Sinai at Schedule an appointment with Dr. Brian Kopell at
Michael is a retired New York City Police Officer and was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 1997 at only 34 years old.


  1. Fadil Muhammed

    Fadil Muhammed

    преди 2 дни

    Me, Watching this while my father's DBS surgery is going on inside.

  2. Grant Keglor

    Grant Keglor

    преди 11 дни

    My grandfather recently passed away due to his heart stopping. He battled Parkinson’s for over 20 years. You could physically see his body change and shrink during that time. It really is terrible

  3. HBGxGRM


    преди 20 дни

    Tf you worried about going fast for?? That'd how you make simple mistakes.

  4. Allen Helderman

    Allen Helderman

    преди 20 дни

    Praying for you sir and praise God for the surgeons.

  5. Steve Garmier

    Steve Garmier

    преди 22 дни

    God bless this man and his family. He truly deserves what he has gotten. His life back as he said.

  6. Panda Gamer Oficial

    Panda Gamer Oficial

    преди 28 дни

    Having a brain surgery must hurt bro



    преди месец

    MIKE IS THE BEST! not like i have had surgury BUT YOU DID YOUR AWSOME

  8. Edwin Hernandez

    Edwin Hernandez

    преди месец

    Congratulations Michael! Blessings to the surgeon and all that were involved in helping you.

  9. G M G

    G M G

    преди месец

    How is he able to talk and be awake during that surgery ?

    • G M G

      G M G

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      преди месец

      I want to know after DBS surgery how much years it will be success

  10. Barbara Munro

    Barbara Munro

    преди месец

    My Brother under went the 1st of 3 DBS surgeries today. Your video helped me so much to understand what exactly he is going through. I pray for my bother Ricky that he has as good of a that you have had

  11. salina barron

    salina barron

    преди месец

    Thats so hard when the people bgg you love get sick

  12. just a little jewish girl

    just a little jewish girl

    преди месец

    I know this will sound very stupid, but I'm a young boy, that is in 6th grade, and I want to be a brain surgeon, a few questions, what causes and what primarily is Parkinsons Disease? I'm in a college level nuerosurgery class online at yale. If anybody can explain. That would be amazing.

  13. Bharat Singh

    Bharat Singh

    преди месец

    My father is suffering from parkinson's.what should I do.i am not so rich...but want to treatment of my father...

  14. Panda boy

    Panda boy

    преди 2 месеца

    Is he still doing well?



    преди 2 месеца

    Love it

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  17. Rachel Dunwoodie

    Rachel Dunwoodie

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    This is truly amazing! I hope he is doing a lot better!

  18. Rachel Dunwoodie

    Rachel Dunwoodie

    преди 2 месеца

    My favorite thing. Medicine. My passion is to save lives.

  19. Hugh Janus

    Hugh Janus

    преди 2 месеца

    I thought he was talking weird but then he said he was a New Yorker and I was like “oh nevermind”

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    Nobody: My GTA character

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      Ur fuked up

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    That dog is incredibely cute

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    Imagine getting brain surgery😱😱😱😩😩😩😭😭

  23. saad alghamdi

    saad alghamdi

    преди 3 месеца

    I wish you always the best in your life my dear ,your story was very emotional

  24. Factors Known

    Factors Known

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    That daughter though

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    Blue Moon

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  26. Job Study

    Job Study

    преди 4 месеца

    Knowledge is bless and they are doing great Job to safe others life,Request to all these to study about Islam and your aim of Life.Thanks

  27. Job Study

    Job Study

    преди 4 месеца

    Knowledge is bless and they are doing great Job to safe others life,Request to all these to study about Islam and your aim of Life.Thanks

  28. Ghulam Nabi Mahar

    Ghulam Nabi Mahar

    преди 4 месеца

    One of my friend gone through operation in South City hospital, Allhamlillah he is getting well but this is hardly affordable in Pakistan...

  29. shazwar sardar

    shazwar sardar

    преди 4 месеца

    this vido lyre

  30. GMD Wibulator

    GMD Wibulator

    преди 4 месеца

    1:40 that heads flipping shiny as it will ever be.

  31. Morteza Yousefi

    Morteza Yousefi

    преди 4 месеца

    My father has been suffering from Parkinson since almost 8 years ago. Now he can't walk and he lays down on his bed days and nights. He can't even go to the restroom on his own. I watched this video this morning It gave me hope. I hope I can afford this surgery and see my dad back to his normal life. This video made me cry and I'm so happy for this man. Good job dear doctor. You saved his life. I pray for you and wish you health

  32. Maria Avila

    Maria Avila

    преди 5 месеца

    Me parece algo maravilloso grasias ala siéndose medica

  33. Moon Pie Purple

    Moon Pie Purple

    преди 5 месеца

    My Grandma Has This But She Hardly Walks She Hardly Forgets But If She Die I Will Renember That, You Are My Everything In My Life

  34. Dalene Colon

    Dalene Colon

    преди 5 месеца

    Amazing God bless them

  35. Pia Hansen

    Pia Hansen

    преди 5 месеца

    My Dad had DBS on both sides and it added a decade to his life: I will be forever grateful for Dr. Schumaker, a world-class neuro-surgeon & dear friend. My Dad was awake the whole time like this gentlemen, but I would suggest it to anyone suffering from such an awful disease. My heart is with you all.

  36. Joe Raj

    Joe Raj

    преди 6 месеца

    I thought this was a good topic on brain stimulation - Joe @

  37. Cindy Perez

    Cindy Perez

    преди 6 месеца

    Do you experience improvement after the first surgery at all or mainly after the stimulator is placed

  38. dayat lovha

    dayat lovha

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    Very good

  39. dayat lovha

    dayat lovha

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    Very good

  40. Mithun Sarkar

    Mithun Sarkar

    преди 8 месеца

    my father also having a parkinson deaseas poor condition ...i love my father so much ........all are get helping from this DBS...i m a indian ..i do not effort mony for this oparetion so..plz my lord doctorand all viewr ..if u seen this comment ..then help me for my father ...i lve my father so much ..and i want too see himm just like this..plzz help kindly request...

  41. Luke Podmore

    Luke Podmore

    преди 8 месеца

    Excellent results , don’t thank god thanks science and the doctors

    • Master Yoda

      Master Yoda

      преди 7 месеца

      Agreed. I always find it annoying when people thank their imaginary friend whenever something wonderful happens. And then when something awful happens (In this case for example) then it's the doctor's fault.

  42. Michael Urbano

    Michael Urbano

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    omg..hell noo...

  44. Scott Cupp

    Scott Cupp

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    Amazing story. Amazing man and doctors. God bless Mt. Sinai.

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    How much is it ??

  46. Kash Bxndo

    Kash Bxndo

    преди 10 месеца

    Parkinson’s is a tuff thing to go through

  47. Marianne Yetto

    Marianne Yetto

    преди 10 месеца

    Michael, thank yu so much for this video. My husband has PD and the doctor here at Robert Wood Johnson just recommended DBS for his PD. We are Italian and live in Lakewood/Brick area. We were very frightened at the thought of it but you made it better!!! Keep healing and say to yourself that your video DID HELP SOMEONE,

  48. G Gonzales

    G Gonzales

    преди 10 месеца

    I love your videos videos

  49. Terradiva


    преди 11 месеца

    Michael-cheering you from L.A. a few years post op! You are an American bad ax! Your courage and willingness to do everything possible to be strong & fully available to your beautiful family is inspirational. Wishing you best health & success! And cheering your surgical team for trying to find the ideal location and being willing to try a path that would free to get back on that bike!!! What a deeply affecting story!

  50. jorell cerrado

    jorell cerrado

    преди 11 месеца

    I wish this could happen two my brother but we dont have money for it.but if I rich I will pay for this for my brother

  51. jorell cerrado

    jorell cerrado

    преди 11 месеца

    My brother has parksions and I keep praying that he gets better

  52. jorell cerrado

    jorell cerrado

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    How much is this

  53. Luiz Eduardo

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  54. G Pirls

    G Pirls

    преди 11 месеца

    Prayers for you. My father has Parkinson’s and we’re Italian and I’m the youngest daughter and my name is Gina too. I thought that was neat. My father speaks and looks the same way and that is all I’ve known since I was little as well. He is about to get the surgery and I’m hoping all goes well too. God bless💕

  55. And SoOn

    And SoOn

    преди година

    Here goes, Posting this here because I know some of you do research and think I may have stumbled upon a very important insight concerning the etiologies of various neurodegenerative disorders and maybe degenerative disorders in general. I’ll cut to the chase and ask the question and then explain how I got to the hypothesis. It is: Is it possible that distinct neurodegenerative and musculoskeletal degenerative disorders are in fact be specific symptom complexes that correspond to dysfunction of specific substructures of the cervical ganglia which subsequently alter certain functionalities of the choroid plexus and have downstream effects on the basal ganglia and spine? A recent medical situation in my life prompted me to conduct some personal research to better understand my condition. As a result, I became familiarized with the dynamics of a specific system of structures in the body that, if better understood and regarded as a unified whole, could potentially shed a brighter light in the etiologies of degenerative disorders. Essentially, my research led to make connections between three structures in the neck and head: the cervical ganglia, the choroid plexus, and the basal ganglia. A few observations became key in developing this idea about cervical ganglia involvement in degenerative disease. The first had to do with the basal ganglia. Basal ganglia dysfunction can cause a dearth of dopamine in the brain and subsequent cluster headaches and Parkinsonism/movement disorder symptomatology. This structure controls voluntary movement in the body and so in the case of movement disorders, it is usually the culprit. The question then becomes what is the fundamental cause of this dysfunction? Thinking about a specific syndrome called Eagle’s Syndrome which often presents with symptomatology similar if not identical to that of neurodegenerative/movement disorder. Eagle’s Syndrome is an abnormal ossification and elongation of the styloid process at the base of the skull that interferes with the cervical ganglia and carotid arteries in the neck and creates symptoms. I wondered if superior cervical ganglia dysfunction could have downstream effects on the basal ganglia and cause disorder. So I began to attempt to understand the dynamic relationship between the cervical and basal ganglia. I began to look more closely at the cervical ganglia, in particular the superior cervical ganglia. This structure innervates the eye, parts of the face, the throat and sinuses, stimulates mucous production, has a part in regulating heartbeat (an aside: the disruption of the cervical ganglia when an Eagle’s Syndrome sufferer turns their head can result in panic symptoms: palpitations, dry mouth, gagging, so this could be a tool when thinking about mental heath physiopathologies as well), and also found that it is the only peripheral structure that sympathetically innervates areas of the head and brain. In particular, it innervates a structure in the brain called the choroid plexus. This was the next bridge on my way to the basal ganglia. The choroid plexus and found that it has a few very important functions: 1. To release transferrin that promotes iron homeostasis in the brain 2. Send agents to bind with antibodies to be flushed out of the system when infections are resolved and 3. Stimulate production of cerebrospinal fluid. That all struck me as fairly promising. I started with antibodies and found articles about post-infection movement disorders (specifically PANDAS, about which there is now literature about non-pediatric cases) where it is shown that sufferers have anti basal ganglia antibodies. It struck me that if a substructure of the cervical ganglia that innervates parts of the choroid plexus that promote production of antibody binding agents is dysfunctional, an infection could very well trigger an indefinite autoimmune response, attacking the basal ganglia and other systems. Some neurodegenerative and degenerative disorders like MS are thought to be autoimmune, and disruption of the cervical ganglia and subsequent introduction of infection could precipitate an indefinite autoimmune response. Symptom progression might depend on the nature of the ganglia dysfunction (if it is ongoing, say, due to injury and resulting occlusion, or intermittent, say, due to Eagle’s Syndrome, in which turning the head causes ganglia disruption), theoretically accounting for the different subtypes of MS. I also had the thought that if iron deregulation in the brain could be caused by dysfunction of a specific substructure of the cervical ganglia and subsequently the choroid plexus, maybe iron irregularities in the basal ganglia would be observed in sufferers of movement disorders, and sure enough, it’s observed in most, if not all of them. At this point I felt like I was really onto something. And then a thought occurred to me: what if the first domino to fall in the etiologic chain of ALL of these degenerative disorders begins in the cervical ganglia? This could be why there are peripheral nervous system symptoms that manifest early in diseases like MS (the cervical ganglia innervates the eye and throat and heart, so vision dysfunction, dysphasia, heart rhythm problems etc would be some of the first symptoms you’d expect to see in this etiologic formulation). I’d seen papers talk about a corticothalamic basal ganglia circuit, but not much of anything about the cervical ganglia or choroid plexus, and I thought, “maybe the cervical ganglia is part of that circuit, affecting it indirectly but very profoundly.” Not everyone who suffers from degenerative diseases would have Eagle’s Syndrome of course, but maybe there would be occlusion/tortuosity of the ECA or cervical ganglia, or maybe a trauma shifted their positions leaving the cervical ganglia susceptible to injury, or maybe genetic degenerative disorders’ gene expressions simply omit instructions for certain substructures of the cervical ganglia to form and subsequently instruct the choroid plexus. So the idea is, if there are three main tasks of the choroid plexus, then there are seven combinations of those tasks (1; 2; 3; 1+2; 2+3; 1+3; and 1+2+3), and there are two ways for each of those tasks to dysfunction (over-firing or under-firing, although I’m not exactly sure about this detail), then each combination of simultaneous or sole dysfunction of cervical ganglia substructures which correspond to areas of the choroid plexus that are involved with completion of one of these three tasks would represent a distinct symptomatology-i.e., a distinct degenerative disorder. Important to note is that for antibody binding dysfunction due to lack of transferrin to become part of a neurodegenerative symptom complex, it may require an initial infection of a certain type to kick-start an autoimmune response strong enough to manifest in this way. In my reading about PANDAS I came across mention of “molecular mimicry,” and I thought maybe it was possible in the case of infections that feature such molecules, and in patients that have cervical ganglia dysfunction, that since the infection that the immune system (now totally unchecked by transferrin-aided antibody binding) is targeting resembles healthy structures in the body that all of these factors compounded could lead to ongoing destruction of healthy body tissue. It may be the case that I’m off base, or there are ways to easily prove false all that I’ve said, but I don’t know that. That’s why I’m posting, because in the unlikely event that this is not totally crazy, and might actually be plausible, it will be in the hands of people who can do something with it. A theory is judged by its explanatory power, and to me, this one seems to explain a lot. Could it be the skeleton key that unlocks understanding of these diseases and leads to new treatments and potentially cures? Is it simply that the cervical ganglia needs to be attended to more intensively when these disorders manifest? According to the literature, somewhere between 80-95% of Eagle’s Syndrome patients who undergo styloidectomies have complete cessation of symptoms. If I am right about the cervical ganglia’s role in degenerative disorders, and some of these patients’ styloid process was in contact with their ECAs and cervical ganglia, the neurological symptomatologies that presented may well have progressed into full-blown neurodegenerative disorder if left unaddressed. It could very well be the case that these successful surgeries represent instances of the curing of previously thought to be incurable neurodegenerative conditions. But again, Eagle’s syndrome merely represents one mechanism of action that could cause cervical ganglia dysfunction. I’d appreciate any response, even if it’s to tell me why I’m off base. I hope you’ve read with an open mind, and were willing to ask yourself “what if?” So, the question is: is it possible that superior ganglia dysfunction is the primary etiological feature of a host of neurodegenerative disorders? That this could be a unifying theory?

  56. Hilal Ahmed

    Hilal Ahmed

    преди година

    Highly qualified surgeon !!!!

  57. Mervz Sacala

    Mervz Sacala

    преди година

    my father 2 years of suffering Parkinson decease :( need spend lots of money :( work hard, .:( massage my own father and drink medecine anti Parkinson levodopa but, after expired u need massage, leg, neck, hand and buy oxygen in order to breathe, eat everyday :( life is hard and my family will be broken if my father die:(>>>>>>> any tips for removing the Parkinson without deep "brain stimulation" in head that will cost millions of dollar i might die paying so i will better let my father die so if no one can help sad life Parkinson never healed the anti Parkinson tablet will expire not permanen healed my father cost alot of money, if no more money what will happen :( sad LIFE THAT'S MY FATHER LIFE IN SUFFERERING IN PARKINSON 2 YEARS ALREADY ..

  58. D ap

    D ap

    преди година

    To Mike, all the best. I'm having it done at UPMC on Valentines Day...Im hoping for good results too !

  59. Chris Simmons

    Chris Simmons

    преди година

    My father is having this surgery soon! I'm excited and nervous after seeing this. He has had Parkinson's 7 years.. maybe longer. I'll let you know how it goes

  60. Martez Myrick

    Martez Myrick

    преди година

    Getting ready to have the surgery. Go video full of info.