All Sports Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

Trick shots from all your favorite sports!
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Comment: I remember the OG Boom Stick!
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  1. Dude Perfect

    Dude Perfect

    преди 6 дни

    throwin’ it back to our old school trick shot days 🏸 🏀 🏈 ⚽️ ⚾️ 🎾 🥏🏐🥍 thanks for watching guys. we seriously appreciate you a ton

    • Audric Ghosh

      Audric Ghosh

      преди 6 часа

      If you another all sports trick shots can u add squash plz

    • sunham Biswas

      sunham Biswas

      преди 6 часа

      U people are really nice

    • rudi talombo

      rudi talombo

      преди 12 часа

      Ai indonesia

    • Jose Tapia

      Jose Tapia

      преди 14 часа

      I remember the OG Boom Stick

    • Diamond Swiss

      Diamond Swiss

      преди 15 часа

      I see you went to the Rough Riders ball park in Frisco the home of the Texas Rangers minor league

  2. David Sun

    David Sun

    преди 5 часа

    I like how they seem to be the worst at badminton and volleyball, the two sports that I actually do......Not saying they're bad but compared to the other sports

  3. Sandro Dzidziguri

    Sandro Dzidziguri

    преди 5 часа

    I hate when guy with cap and beard is screaming

  4. Kairo Walsh

    Kairo Walsh

    преди 6 часа


  5. sunham Biswas

    sunham Biswas

    преди 6 часа

    How does u people do this tricksots pls share in on of your video.

  6. Pin head Larry

    Pin head Larry

    преди 6 часа

    4:49 Tyler: I can watch a slow-mo replay of that. Me: so can I

  7. Magnus Englund Frimann

    Magnus Englund Frimann

    преди 6 часа

    6:00 thank you, and i must say i love the Yonex duora 10

  8. Advay Mattappilly

    Advay Mattappilly

    преди 6 часа


  9. pulkit world forever

    pulkit world forever

    преди 7 часа


  10. Courtney Stewart

    Courtney Stewart

    преди 7 часа

    I liked all of Tyler's shots

  11. ACSG


    преди 7 часа

    Who wants Bottleflips back? 👇

  12. Bdhdhđh Ýhdh

    Bdhdhđh Ýhdh

    преди 7 часа

    Slingshots please man 🙏🙏



    преди 8 часа

    you have to get a Trampolin in your dpHall

  14. Will Hardcastle

    Will Hardcastle

    преди 8 часа

    This is how many people like stereotypes 👇

  15. Will Hardcastle

    Will Hardcastle

    преди 8 часа

    Those who want fails of dude perfect like this post 👇

  16. Nucliam


    преди 8 часа

    The ball does some pretty funky stuff at 4:54....

  17. Hicc


    преди 8 часа

    You guys haven’t done cricket yet *Please do it*

  18. Cartoon world

    Cartoon world

    преди 8 часа


  19. Will Hardcastle

    Will Hardcastle

    преди 9 часа

    School stereotypes Like so they can see do it I need it badly 👇

  20. I like turtles Lolol

    I like turtles Lolol

    преди 9 часа

    Dude perfect ran out of ideas🙄

  21. darkLIGHT Gaming

    darkLIGHT Gaming

    преди 9 часа

    so beautifull shot new subciber here

  22. Will Hardcastle

    Will Hardcastle

    преди 9 часа

    You people need to like these posts

  23. More than You see

    More than You see

    преди 9 часа

    Ooolalala woohoooo

  24. HarryK


    преди 9 часа

    Dude perfect-All sports trick shots Cricket-Am I joke to you?

  25. Gangsta Wolfaxe

    Gangsta Wolfaxe

    преди 10 часа

    Guys plz try office stereotypes

  26. LivingLikeJay


    преди 10 часа

    Do more stereotypes videos So here are some ideas 1. Skateboarding stereotypes 2. Gaming stereotypes 3. Concert stereotypes 4. Popular person stereotypes 5. Friend stereotypes 6. Funny person stereotypes

  27. Alan Moraes

    Alan Moraes

    преди 10 часа

    Mesmo sem entende nd eu gosto dos vídeos parabéns kk👏👏

  28. Person 51

    Person 51

    преди 12 часа

    “All Sports Trick Shots” heh? Guess curling isn’t a sport DUN! DUN! DUNNNN!

  29. Craig Daniel

    Craig Daniel

    преди 12 часа

    2:54, The reflection of the camera man in Tyler's Sunglasses

  30. Tyessons


    преди 12 часа


  31. Parker Barlow

    Parker Barlow

    преди 12 часа

    Disc golf was forgotten?!?

  32. TheLegoMiners 2

    TheLegoMiners 2

    преди 12 часа

    Trick or treat sterotypes anyone?

  33. Phum mer

    Phum mer

    преди 12 часа

    How long did you practice?

  34. Yadiel Mattei

    Yadiel Mattei

    преди 12 часа

    I wish I can be in guan of your videos for basketball one vi one tiler

  35. Fix1a


    преди 13 часа

    Combien de français ont regardé cette vidéo 👇

  36. Caleb Funk

    Caleb Funk

    преди 13 часа

    Lol. Ty’s ankles sweep the ice better than the zamboni

  37. aiden gant

    aiden gant

    преди 13 часа

    last time i hit a nonbaseball with a bat i got a black eye

  38. Brian Lash

    Brian Lash

    преди 13 часа

    (Frisbee stereotypes) Like so he can see

  39. Melissa Sandford

    Melissa Sandford

    преди 13 часа

    Do a parents stareotypes

  40. ismaeel saqib

    ismaeel saqib

    преди 14 часа

    they should add unfortunate cookies to wheel unfortunate and they do whats inside plus eat the disgusting cookie

  41. Sylvester The Cat

    Sylvester The Cat

    преди 14 часа

    they forgot ping pong, swimming, track and field, wrestling, and biking

  42. 5,000k With no videos? Pls

    5,000k With no videos? Pls

    преди 14 часа

    Can you guys sub to me I’m trying to get 5000 subs with no videos!

  43. Dylan Quintero

    Dylan Quintero

    преди 14 часа

    Y’all know I’d love to see one of DUDES do a soccer trick shot

  44. Josephplayz09 Calderon

    Josephplayz09 Calderon

    преди 14 часа

    You should do a gaming Battle

  45. stealthraidzgaming


    преди 14 часа

    All sports soccer like a football as a ball or something like that

  46. Junior Steury

    Junior Steury

    преди 14 часа

    I remember the OG Boomstick.

  47. Julie Thur

    Julie Thur

    преди 14 часа

    Was Tyler vaping when he made that shot

  48. Joseph Cassidy

    Joseph Cassidy

    преди 14 часа

    You should do airport stereotypes

  49. ended channel

    ended channel

    преди 14 часа

    You forgot indoor sports

  50. Royce Canlubo

    Royce Canlubo

    преди 14 часа

    Bro this so lit🔥🔥🔥

  51. Suppaman B

    Suppaman B

    преди 14 часа


  52. Frostmoth The Ricewing

    Frostmoth The Ricewing

    преди 14 часа

    Best part is their reactions

  53. Michelle wright

    Michelle wright

    преди 15 часа

    I did it 3 times ayyyyyee let’s gooooooo

  54. Peter Liuzzi

    Peter Liuzzi

    преди 15 часа

    I just realized dp hasn’t done a football stereotypes

  55. Arachnid Web Reactions

    Arachnid Web Reactions

    преди 15 часа

    I hope we get a all sports golf battle soon

  56. The stop motion Wize

    The stop motion Wize

    преди 15 часа

    Yes lacrosse

  57. Jeremias Verdesoto

    Jeremias Verdesoto

    преди 15 часа

    I am fan of Tiler

  58. High-Five T-Rex

    High-Five T-Rex

    преди 15 часа

    We need Halloween stereotypes

  59. Amellaly Pozos

    Amellaly Pozos

    преди 15 часа

    Make Halloween stereotypes please

  60. CHR-IS-COOL !


    преди 15 часа

    make a domino overtime segment. please.