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Surgery Video: Carpal Tunnel - MedStar Union Memorial

Dr. Keith Segalman, a hand surgeon from MedStar Union Memorial Hospital's Curtis National Hand Center in Baltimore, performs an actual minimally invasive carpal tunnel procedure through a tiny wrist incision. He talks about what causes carpal tunnel, treatment options and what to expect post surgery.
For a physician referral to the Curtis National Hand Center, one of the largest hand centers in the world, visit ow.ly/MiGaM


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    *thanks, I hate it*

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    Dante Evans

    преди 4 дни

    Imagine if the patient was awake...

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    wizard mongol

    преди 7 дни

    when he put that thing int he guys arm it reminded me of this one hentai.....

  6. Thomas Goddard

    Thomas Goddard

    преди 8 дни

    I love how he says it like its a tutorial

  7. Goldpinchina In Roblox

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    I am glad that his a doctor and he knows what he does ;-;

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    Its really educational and helps with learning how to do surgery without a senior doctor

  9. Archana Kumari

    Archana Kumari

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    What I do so i became doctor

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    Joshua Greger

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    man this video sure makes me NERVEous.

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    No blood

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    Aliya Dagadas

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    I love watching surgery's

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    camelia cristea

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    It feels like this patient is in pain??? Oh my God

  15. camelia cristea

    camelia cristea

    преди 23 дни

    Thank you for your video. It is very informative.

  16. AtheV MiTe

    AtheV MiTe

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    It doesn't have blood???

  17. Jayden Buchholz

    Jayden Buchholz

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    Snoring be like

  18. kay9x


    преди 25 дни

    Can some one just explain me why by cutting the tendon , the injury was cured. Im lil bit obscure about wat was happenin.

  19. Lisa Hensley

    Lisa Hensley

    преди месец

    Ok bleeding towards the end of the surgery

  20. Lisa Hensley

    Lisa Hensley

    преди месец

    This maybe a stupid question why I don't see any blood?

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    Mr Plane made by Rudra Pandya

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    Omg 😳

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    I can't feel my hand anymore

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    Nope this is not for me😣 I was literally screaming whenever he cut more inside of the patient’s hand oowww aahh yee mmm nnnn🤒😭😢😖😖😣😣😣😫

    • C. Burkley

      C. Burkley

      преди месец

      I want to be a plastic surgeon when I am older. I am very amused by these types of things.

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    this just made me sick

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    CVO Channel

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    Educating and COOLAAAA EDIT:I didn’t know that the skin is sooooo DEEP

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    Got half way, but my stomach couldn't take the rest of the video.

  29. Jeff McElroy

    Jeff McElroy

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    nope. ahhhh nah uhh. i told myself "self - you can watch this. medical things are interesting. when the dr. showed that weird gun/knife thing....couldnt do it. just couldnt do it.

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    Thomas Robert Austin

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    This should be age restricted 😱😱

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    Ok not gonna like 4:04 bothered me but that’s about it I enjoyed this video

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    I’m eating while watching this😂

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    US army recruitment

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    My wrist hurts after watching this

  34. ForeskinJohn


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    so if ive had carpal tunnel once in my life, do i have carpel tunnel syndrome?

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    studio jerome

    преди 2 месеца

    The patient is either numbed or sedated, guys. Relax.

  36. Toxic


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    xbox players: oooh that is deep

  37. raven estrella

    raven estrella

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    and 5:58

  38. raven estrella

    raven estrella

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    4:40 o my goodness i cant watch

  39. raven estrella

    raven estrella

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    eeeewwwoohhhhhhh so dyiiinnng

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    What Ill get for playing claw

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    Core Gamer

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    6:14 "Just make sure theres no sniffing/Snipping and bleeding" *starts to bleed* Me:Wait...wut u say?

    • Goldpinchina In Roblox

      Goldpinchina In Roblox

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      @Ritvik Arya he said signific

    • Ritvik Arya

      Ritvik Arya

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      Significant bleeding** idiot

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    Stop fucking his wrist

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    Anyone else have no idea what they're doing here?

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    Avigail Wierbinski

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    This gave me anxiety 😩

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    This really isn't that bad lol

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    hold my beer

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    What kind of surgeon do you need to be to preform this surgery

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    I've had to have three....miracles.

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    Dead body

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    Diana Ramos Covarrubias

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    Very interesting and informative. Jts amazing that humanity has come this far with technology and we aren't dying of these compilations. Props to the doctors for ha ong so much patients and dedication to go threw all this.

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    NOOO. Why do I torcher myself

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    Idk why im watching this is 2019

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    Lee Jacob yeah both at the same time... I believe I know now about Saturday an where I was

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    Can somebody explain how this results carpal tunnel?