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We know that you love to make various crafts and this time you will find a collection of ideas that you can make using a rope. Yes, it may sound crazy but you can make a lot of things with rope and even stylish items for your home. Moreover, you can create a collection of stylish jewelry items. One more creative idea is to try a yarn or string painting technique that you can use to decorate greeting cards and even t-shirts.
Tired of boring old lamps? We prepared a stylish and creative idea! You can make a stylish lampshade using a rope. The tutorial is very easy: place rope in a bowl filled with glue and after that wrap a balloon with it and let dry. Take a balloon out and the cool lampshade is ready.
Moreover, you will find an easy tutorial on how to make cute paper flowers, keychains out of drinking straws, how to make beautiful polymer crafts and a lot more. If you are not so good with natural flowers, try to make paper flowers and you won’t believe how gorgeous and realistic many of them look. Polymer clay is a perfect material to make cute miniature crafts. My favorite gift idea is to make a customized flash drive and you can make a cute flash drive that looks like a donut. Find out an easy tutorial.
00:33 String painting technique
01:01 Rope crafts
01:27 How to decorate a mirror
04:51 Paper flowers
05:24 DIY Lampshade
06:40 Polymer clay crafts
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