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Total Hip Replacement Surgery - MedStar Union Memorial Hospital

[GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING: This video contains graphic images of a surgical procedure.]
If you are having hip pain, your doctor may recommend you seek the advice of an orthopedic surgeon. MedStar Union Memorial is the number one hospital in Maryland for total joint replacements. Our total joint replacement program is truly unique; patients benefit from our experience in managing the entire process of surgery and recovery.
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  1. AmberPanda


    преди 5 години

    If anyone is interested a man called John Charnley pioneered the hip replacement operation, look him up on Wikipedia. We are very lucky we live in a time when this operation is possible and can change a persons quality of life if they have hip problems. I had a bad car accident four years ago and my hip was broken, was taken to hospital and it was pinned. Of course I did not have to pay as I am in the UK so it was done on the NHS. I know the NHS gets a lot of bad press but can only speak as I found, I had no problems at all and am very grateful I was put back together and can lead a normal life.

  2. Reagan Howard

    Reagan Howard

    преди 5 години

    I an thinking on being an orthopedic doctor ( surgeon) I am only 13 but I am planing a big future. How much money do you get paid a year?????

  3. S Griffin

    S Griffin

    преди 5 години

    I had my hip replaced in "89" with a cement-less model. It failed after 6 years and was replaced again in "93". the doctor told me to expect it to be replaced within 10 years. Its still hanging in there after 21!

  4. Sooner Science Nerd

    Sooner Science Nerd

    преди 5 години

    what device was used in the replacement, how long will it last, and what kind of sutures were used in the closing of the wound(s)? were any dissolving sutures used? do they need to put in a drain, or is it from case-to-case procedure? very informative, descriptive, and hope that patient is doing well! the procedures used are great! thanks for the video! be well!

  5. John Doe

    John Doe

    преди 5 години

    I sat through that entire thing

  6. Raleigh Taylor

    Raleigh Taylor

    преди 5 години

    Had my left hip replaced 2 weeks ago today... Decided to watch this after the fact. I am now 40 years old and have 2 new hips. This is really amazing. Feeling really good btw...

  7. Kimberlee Days

    Kimberlee Days

    преди 5 години

    I have needed total hip replacement for 34 year from childhood damage and had to let science to improve. I suffered long enough can't any more. My surgery will be soon I am tired this pain please let me walk again and standstraght.

  8. Rustbar


    преди 5 години

    Desi- that wasn't skin they removed it was a plastic that was placed over the skin.

  9. Michael Hoffman

    Michael Hoffman

    преди 5 години

    I had my Left hip replaced nearly 3 years ago, & now its time to replace my Right hip. I have bone on bone in two areas, & a spur, yuck. This is a very important video to look at. I am very much looking forward to having this procedure in the near future.

  10. Desi Bravo

    Desi Bravo

    преди 5 години

    I'm currently having problem with the hip and may need a hip replacement. I see that the skin was remove so the stitch will not show after the operation. How long will it take after the total hip replacement for recovery and ready for work in the construction industry?

  11. The nazals

    The nazals

    преди 5 години

    so gross

    • Nicholas hall

      Nicholas hall

      преди 5 години

      I'm 11 and I don't think it's gross it's actually really cool

  12. vasp99


    преди 6 години

    Wow . This was done to me 6 months ago and It is the best thing I've ever had done for myself . I was crippled by osteoarthritis , life was torture , most any movement .... But now I can walk .

  13. Kathy Lincoln

    Kathy Lincoln

    преди 6 години

    nasty bone

  14. Tanjila Bolden

    Tanjila Bolden

    преди 6 години

    I am scheduled for my first hip replacement Dec. 11 and I am terrified, but this at least lets me know what to expect. Thank you!

  15. Joshua Gibson

    Joshua Gibson

    преди 6 години

    I had to watch this with no sound for the shear fact that i'm in a library. Im curious if he made reference to what he will do with the artery that runs through the head of the femur...

    • Bryan Ch

      Bryan Ch

      преди 5 години

      I believe that blood vessel has an anastamosis(more passages to.go.throug) so that blood will still reach its destination. But I have no medical.experience just took an.anatomy course but I read your.comment and I thought it.was a great question and I didnt know. This surgery stuff is.the real.deal.

  16. Tay Katoo

    Tay Katoo

    преди 6 години

    this was so amazing to watch! It really took the fear out of it. Just going by the said medical jargon, I'm assuming this wasn't made for us lay-folk, but thank you just the same for creating this!

  17. Stryker Hip Recall

    Stryker Hip Recall

    преди 6 години

    It's interesting to hear the perspective of the doctor while describing the procedure why doing it.

  18. Christopher Koffel

    Christopher Koffel

    преди 6 години

    Excellent, I think I'm gonna go do a hip replacement procedure now. ;)

  19. Ron Zanoni

    Ron Zanoni

    преди 6 години

    My wife just had her hip replaced. Now I know why she says she feels like someone beat her up around her hip.

  20. Neptuned910 z

    Neptuned910 z

    преди 6 години

    ill be gettin my left hip done here monday cant wait because itll mean an end to my avascular necrosis very good vid.

  21. dannymakina


    преди 6 години

    Thanks for this educational video..!

  22. fexh


    преди 6 години

    that's amazing !

  23. Alex O Migiro

    Alex O Migiro

    преди 6 години

    I would so like and enjoy to hold those equipments, the same way, nice video surgery.



    преди 6 години

    uahhhhhhhhhhhh : ( i feel like vomiting

  25. Trishka Bisseru

    Trishka Bisseru

    преди 6 години

    Brilliant work, thank you for the share !

  26. Law


    преди 6 години

    What were those astronaught masks for?

  27. Colton Riley

    Colton Riley

    преди 7 години

    what is that yellow rap on for ? what does it do ?

  28. Jared Peterson

    Jared Peterson

    преди 7 години

    if i'm an 13 year old kid is it bad that i watched this and if so is it bad I watched it without throwing up or being grossed out at all

  29. Joe Colao

    Joe Colao

    преди 7 години

    Thank you so much for sharing this important information with us. I am an NREMT and can't get enough! Thanks

  30. CamiloSanchez1979


    преди 7 години

    The suture at the end was a work of art

  31. Karin Hayes-Nickeson

    Karin Hayes-Nickeson

    преди 7 години

    Amazing ! And I went through this surgery 3 times since 2004. Once in 2004, once in 2010 and last in 2012. Are any more coming ? I hope not. The pain post op is not 1/2 as bad as it looks. here. And not comparable with pre op. Thanks to our great and talented surgeons

  32. Daniel Sturby

    Daniel Sturby

    преди 7 години

    Medical jargon of this level is almost impossible to follow for non medical people. But truly This is an art to behold. Bravo!

  33. moomoomilk95


    преди 7 години


  34. Syed Ali

    Syed Ali

    преди 7 години

    i have same problem 2 hips pain what to do my age36 so if i cnange bolls so infeture i will get any problem or not so what evr i need sugetion and i hear once surgery finish that's work 15 yers then again u have to do same surgery so i wanto know what to do