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Sonic The Hedgehog (2020) - New Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures

Sonic The Hedgehog is speeding to theatres for a big screen adventure for the whole family! Watch the new #SonicMovie trailer now, and #CatchSonic in theatres February 14!
Based on the global blockbuster videogame franchise from Sega, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG tells the story of the world’s speediest hedgehog as he embraces his new home on Earth. In this live-action adventure comedy, Sonic and his new best friend Tom (James Marsden) team up to defend the planet from the evil genius Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey) and his plans for world domination. The family-friendly film also stars Tika Sumpter and Ben Schwartz as the voice of Sonic.

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  1. tex clickmaker

    tex clickmaker

    преди 21 минута


  2. Liam Earle

    Liam Earle

    преди 21 минута

    Valentine's Day 2020: "Hey honey, let's go catch a movie for Valentine's Day"

  3. Phobia productions

    Phobia productions

    преди 21 минута

    Okay that's way better than the first design thank god they changed it

  4. Samuel Josiah

    Samuel Josiah

    преди 21 минута

    Where . Is . Tails .

  5. smoke Ableezy

    smoke Ableezy

    преди 21 минута


  6. Kaitlon


    преди 21 минута

    2:03 meme potential

  7. Facultarse


    преди 21 минута


  8. Krystal Grey

    Krystal Grey

    преди 21 минута

    Hello person scolling through the comment section Your not alone

  9. john wilke

    john wilke

    преди 21 минута

    2019 this meme format 2020 a good meme

  10. 朱棚博


    преди 21 минута

    2019 : American version , and over 700k dislikes 2020 : Japanese original version, and 740 likes (growing )

  11. Tempest Tossed

    Tempest Tossed

    преди 21 минута

    Much, much, MUCH BETTER! We need more cartoon 3D designs like this!

  12. Cristian


    преди 21 минута

    Doctor Robot Nigga 0:56

  13. Nightmare Rei

    Nightmare Rei

    преди 22 минути

    It's still not perfect, but it's SO MUCH BETTER.

  14. Lightning Legion

    Lightning Legion

    преди 22 минути


  15. Ggmatt Jigga

    Ggmatt Jigga

    преди 22 минути

    This movie is going to make like around 700 million domestically it’s going to be sooooo fun

  16. Andrew Winters

    Andrew Winters

    преди 22 минути

    Thank you Paramount.

  17. Jeremy Moya

    Jeremy Moya

    преди 22 минути

    Did they change the whole movie and the voice actor

  18. Jose Lol

    Jose Lol

    преди 22 минути

    This movie is going to be amazing 😍

  19. Yinyin Li

    Yinyin Li

    преди 22 минути

    I just watch the whole movie 🍿

  20. Creative


    преди 22 минути

    This comes out on my birthday! Yay!

  21. Eazy Productions

    Eazy Productions

    преди 23 минути

    Sonic voice is whack. Not interested, glad to see mah boul Jim Carrey as Robotnik doe

  22. S H

    S H

    преди 23 минути


  23. Dannika Esq

    Dannika Esq

    преди 23 минути

    Thank you a lot I appreciate it

  24. Taurus Studios

    Taurus Studios

    преди 23 минути

    We just gonna ignore that Gangsters Paradise isn't playing in this trailer?

  25. Dopest Donut

    Dopest Donut

    преди 23 минути

    I appreciate he effort you guys went through to make a movie genuinely better

  26. B Fudem

    B Fudem

    преди 23 минути


  27. B Fudem

    B Fudem

    преди 23 минути


  28. Yan Marzulian

    Yan Marzulian

    преди 23 минути

    I can't wait February😂😂😂

  29. KEKA


    преди 23 минути

    Didn’t this movie already come out

  30. Mr. IndBan

    Mr. IndBan

    преди 23 минути

    Much better thank you

  31. Farris Elkhatib

    Farris Elkhatib

    преди 23 минути

    2019: Sonic the Rat Monkey 2020: Sonic the Redemption Arc

  32. Errington


    преди 24 минути

    1:51 Slide in the DMs like...

  33. United States

    United States

    преди 24 минути

    Everyone: comments about 2019 and 2020 comments Me: HOE CAKES SAMPLE

  34. Kassandra Rodriguez

    Kassandra Rodriguez

    преди 24 минути

    Yaaaay this is so much better and I can't wait to see it

  35. Sarah Anne

    Sarah Anne

    преди 24 минути

    This is how your make changes looks at Disney



    преди 24 минути

    This one is better then the other one

  37. Itz Ash

    Itz Ash

    преди 24 минути

    1st trailer: jammed action pack movie 2nd trailer: kids movie themed I love how paramount is trying to get all audiences to watch this this better make at least 20 million in the box office

  38. SprinVorTeX YT

    SprinVorTeX YT

    преди 24 минути

    Nest person to follow me on Insta gets free minty axe code shorturl.at/ryzMZ

  39. Bryant Ogoh

    Bryant Ogoh

    преди 24 минути

    2019 Sonic trailer Fans- Nobody likes this garbage 2020 Sonic trailer Fans- If you don't get tickets, you like Mario more

  40. Make Contact

    Make Contact

    преди 24 минути

    Audience: FIX SONIC!!! Paramount: *fixes Sonic* "That was very chash money of you"

  41. Funny All

    Funny All

    преди 25 минути

    Wtf jimm Carey

  42. De Taco Queen Jana

    De Taco Queen Jana

    преди 25 минути

    I’m so happy they fixed it

  43. Aazaad Gass

    Aazaad Gass

    преди 25 минути

    Imagine someone saying they like the old design better

  44. Carl Wheezer

    Carl Wheezer

    преди 25 минути

    First the new scoob movie and now this!!? I’m so excited for 2020!

  45. ツNevermore


    преди 25 минути

    I liked the old trailer because it had more action to it I just hated the design of sondic

  46. Ray Lenzo

    Ray Lenzo

    преди 25 минути

    2019: sonic, a hedgehog 2020: sonic the hedgehog

  47. uzef73


    преди 25 минути

    2019: We have food at home 2020: We're going to McDonalds

  48. Ean Playz

    Ean Playz

    преди 26 минути

    his design looks like he is a big baby XD

  49. Keith 9009

    Keith 9009

    преди 26 минути

    Did this film troll us did we troll the film how did they fix it just like that and why did they even make that lanky sonic

  50. Amir Mukim

    Amir Mukim

    преди 26 минути

    I don’t care what you say, Sonic sounds really stupid. Either make it right or don’t make it all.

    • PyroPopcorn


      преди 24 минути

      Shut up.

  51. Jackaroo 0215

    Jackaroo 0215

    преди 26 минути

    Paramount's First Trailer: Oh yeah this is gonna be great Everyone: HOLY SHIT THE FUCK IS THAT! HIS TEETH! Paramount's Second Trailer: Ok hopefully they like it Everyone: Thank fuck it looks good

  52. Sam SChattar

    Sam SChattar

    преди 26 минути

    plz connect eyes

  53. Fenimorka


    преди 26 минути




    преди 26 минути


  55. Ricardo Estrada

    Ricardo Estrada

    преди 26 минути

    Also, someone get @radicalsoda on this! He'd be proud!

  56. Shiznuts


    преди 26 минути

    some 180° they made

  57. Trashu Mashu

    Trashu Mashu

    преди 27 минути

    this is the equivalent of using an uno reverse card when someone insults you

  58. Captain HunchNuts

    Captain HunchNuts

    преди 27 минути

    Now Where is My Super Mario Bros Remake.