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34 PARENTING HACKS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY || Crafts for Kids and Their Parents

You'll learn how to make educational toys from old stuff, how to play with kids and recycle old plastic toys into something useful!
Look, you can use a plastic bag as an apron, when your child is engaged in creativity, and a towel to protect his clothes from food stain. Use a bottle of shampoo to make it easier for the baby to reach the tap with water, and attach Velcro to the plate so he will not be able to overturn the food. You can make a bag for replaceable shoes from an old umbrella.
Time to study! You will find many simple, interesting and fun tips how to teach your child to recognize colors. There are many examples of how you can create something with your child. Make a fun jar for stationery with minionꞌs face, a pencil case or a fun plate in the form of a dinosaur.
Have fun and useful time!
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00:12 Parenting hacks
01:00 Life hacks for kids
02:00 How to play with kids
03:00 Child safety hacks
05:50 Educational toys for kids
06:00 DIY toys for kids
08:00 Game for children
10:26 Recycle plastic toys
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