Single Incision for Diced Cartilage-Fascia Graft in Nasal Augmentation Surgery

This procedure video illustrates the technique of nasal augmentation using a diced cartilage-fascia graft:
A single incision is made on the medial aspect of the pinna and continued superiorly directly over the retroauricular skin crease onto the superior postaural skin for harvesting of the fascial graft. (00:45)
The conchal cartilage and an appropriately sized sheet of temporalis fascia are harvested through the same incision (01:36)
Illustration of an open septorhinoplasty approach with an asymmetric incision for V-Y lengthening of the left nostril in a patient with repaired cleft palate (03:22)
The conchal cartilate graft is then diced into 0.5-1.0 mm pieces. The fragments are kept moist in normal saline. The fascia is pinned to a silicone block and debrided of all adherent muscle, and the diced cartilage is placed on the center of the fascial graft. (06:00)
A 4-0 absorbable suture is used to close the fascia over the diced cartilage (06:45)
The graft is carefully placed into the recipient site using percutaneous sutures. The graft is carefully molded and manipulated to give the required augmentation. (07:37)
The remainder of the septorhinoplasty is completed, and reinforced silastic splints are placed to support and protect the healing nose. (09:27)
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