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Open Heart Surgery Performed at Christian Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri

Dr. Nabil Munfakh and Dr. Sunil Prasad perform open heart surgery on a patient suffering from heart disease involving her heart valve and arteries.


  1. Mireya Enriquez

    Mireya Enriquez

    преди 15 дни

    Would you guys in the comment section suggest a cardiothoracic surgeon or a neuro surgeon

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    Furby Gaming 125

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    Toy pet Surgery May be undone

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  5. Puteri nurliyana

    Puteri nurliyana

    преди 19 дни

    I'm 15 y/o now pls pray for me so that I can be a pediatrics doctor. I want to save many kids out there😞

  6. Fabrice C-Bouchard

    Fabrice C-Bouchard

    преди 20 дни

    My father went through this surgery 🙃 easier now for me to put his words in images. Amazing !

  7. Chunku Tumi

    Chunku Tumi

    преди 22 дни

    That is really interesting I will like to see more

  8. Kazoo_Gamer


    преди 22 дни

    Hold up....why is this age restricted tho? BGplayer HATES HEART SURGERY DONT U BGplayer

  9. Zinqzz


    преди 23 дни

    that heart looks dry

  10. Wayne Duff

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  11. Kevin Kosmos

    Kevin Kosmos

    преди 24 дни

    When have you ever heard of a sick vegan or one needing surgery exactly never

    • watery doggo

      watery doggo

      преди 21 ден

      Shut the fuck up virgin

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  15. solomonjunior Abebe

    solomonjunior Abebe

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    I see God through all this wisdom.

  16. S!ddhanth Sanford

    S!ddhanth Sanford

    преди 26 дни

    Thanks....was jst looking for this.....going to try this on my bro...😊

  17. Kirby


    преди 26 дни

    I'm scared of surgery, it hurts so much. It makes me cry 😭 I DONT WANT SURGERY IT SCARES ME.

    • Kirby


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    • Kirby


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      @It’s Tiffany Perez Ok

    • It’s Tiffany Perez

      It’s Tiffany Perez

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      Kirby they sleep you do you don’t feel anything

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  20. Aubrees world

    Aubrees world

    преди 27 дни

    Oh so cool that’s awesome

  21. Sulfur 16

    Sulfur 16

    преди 28 дни

    So like... Is it bad that this kinda shit makes me rlly happy to watch?! Like... When I'm rlly sad, or in a bad depressive state, I watch Surgies... Hhh...

  22. Jade


    преди месец

    i just smoked a joint and i dont know why i am here

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  24. Keegan's not-so Alt account

    Keegan's not-so Alt account

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    Yummy organs!

  25. Yasmeen Legrand

    Yasmeen Legrand

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    Am I weird like really I am a weirdo but I do wanna be a doctor

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  27. SRA Videos

    SRA Videos

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    Hello if you can take the time to read this I will really appreciate it, my aunt lives in Sudia Arabia and she needs a surgery fast because she can't give birth I'm only 15 and I am putting my savings of $500 to sent to her but the surgery will cost $20,000 she really needs help cause there family is in a bad situation and she is in need of help if you can help her please reply to me 🙏🙏

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  29. ASAP Butters

    ASAP Butters

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    I’m more into traditional sex, but hey, a holes a hole.

    • stupid shit just like me damit

      stupid shit just like me damit

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  30. Naat Singer Noma

    Naat Singer Noma

    преди месец

    I feel pain left..sometime right,,now my should what??

  31. Naat Singer Noma

    Naat Singer Noma

    преди месец

    What is this open heart surgery? ?

  32. mOchi eater

    mOchi eater

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    Why did I search this up? I have no idea.

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      mOchi eater lol me to

  33. Soni Nishad

    Soni Nishad

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    I'm cardiologist

  34. Soni Nishad

    Soni Nishad

    преди месец

    Really helpful

  35. Henry Roop

    Henry Roop

    преди месец

    Instructions unclear, patient turning green

  36. Niczz Lyrics

    Niczz Lyrics

    преди месец

    Can I ask a question? This question is not that related to the content but I just want to ask if you can be a nurse or doctor if you get dizzy everytime you see blood or wounds?

    • Clariza Mae Gamba

      Clariza Mae Gamba

      преди месец

      If you can overcome that phobia then you can. Otherwise, it’s impossible.

  37. TemmieTV


    преди месец

    open heart surgery? flex tape!

  38. susanta Panda

    susanta Panda

    преди месец

    Nice job

  39. Michael Scott

    Michael Scott

    преди месец

    This is what it felt like when Holly dumped me...

    • Aniya Harmon

      Aniya Harmon

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      You are real💛💛💛💛💛

    • Annika Valdez

      Annika Valdez

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      Spoiler: This is what it felt like when I thought my Pam and Jim ship was going to fail😭

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      Laura Vasko

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      Michael Scott I love that 😂

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    Lucas Cheez

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    Good job

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  43. Avamalia Jefferson

    Avamalia Jefferson

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    "she's eh..what we call,obese,these days.."

  44. Jacks train videos Epic

    Jacks train videos Epic

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    Nearly fainted

  45. Boog Heavens

    Boog Heavens

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    I found this very interesting and wont to be a doctor someday :)

  46. Kelly Narag

    Kelly Narag

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    Me 12years old

  47. tazzywazzygaming


    преди месец

    Why am I watching this after watching surgeon simulator

    • • ᴀ s ᴀ ɪ ɴ ᴍ ᴏ ɴ ᴋ ʏ •

      • ᴀ s ᴀ ɪ ɴ ᴍ ᴏ ɴ ᴋ ʏ •

      преди 26 дни

      Same thing *im on my way to being a doc*

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      Salad Macaroni

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      Hahahahaha ify

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    Aliciiqqa etc

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    Back to the weird side of BGplayer, I like it, .

  50. Livi Kitty Cutie

    Livi Kitty Cutie

    преди месец

    How odd... I thought this would make me throw up or feel sick or something. It’s just meat... maybe I should be a surgeon. This doesn’t bother me at all.

  51. Khalif does nothing

    Khalif does nothing

    преди месец

    I like tofu soup

  52. Istayuplatedrivefast


    преди месец

    It's almost like some people are trying to die. By being obese and not taking medicine as they are supposed to. They are almost a waste of resources.

  53. Aysel Kara

    Aysel Kara

    преди месец

    I'm on my way of becoming a cardiac surgeon. That was really helpful. Good luck to everyone!

    • Samsungnew Galaxy

      Samsungnew Galaxy

      преди месец

      Красимира Алексиева all the best and pray for me too.

  54. Jami Kiiskinen

    Jami Kiiskinen

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  55. Dan bro

    Dan bro

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    Im used to this

  56. Dan bro

    Dan bro

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    This is sience

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  58. Ritika Yadav

    Ritika Yadav

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    Very hard

  59. Cotton Flyn

    Cotton Flyn

    преди месец

    Doctors are so good,, but at the end of the day they'll leave the world. I hope bettr doctors will be in us in the future

  60. Charlotte Gillan

    Charlotte Gillan

    преди месец

    I have had a heart surgery in Auckland starship hospital because my heart valve was broken